Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa:

Tourist visa will be issued for foreign nationals who are interested to travel to Iran individually or with a group with the purpose of visiting Iran or their relatives.


Applying for Tourist Visa:

All applicants have to register the application for visa online through the E-Visa system.


Required Documents:

1- Original Passport

You must have a valid passport or travel documents with a validity at least for six months and contain at least two empty pages.

2- Visa Confirmation

Print out the confirmation you received via E-visa for your application.

3- Copy of Residence Permit Card

For applicants with Non-Swedish passports, Resedokument or Främlingspass holders.

4- Travel Insurance

A copy of health, accident and medical travel insurance that must cover any costs that maybe in curved in connection with emergency medical aid, urgent hospital treatment valid under visa period. (Insurance Certificate, Hemförsäkring)

5- Extract of the Population Register (Personbevis)

Personbevis which contains name and full details includes the name of parents, date and place of birth and previous and current citizenship issued by Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

6- Father or Godman's Permission

Father or godman's permission for applicants under 18 years old that are going to travel lonely or with their mother is required. They have to come to the Embassy in-person or their permission should be legalized in Notarius Paplicus.

7- The Receipt of Payment.

The fee is to be paid into account number 5277 1112515, SEB bank.

8- Return Envelope

A return envelope which contains the name and full address and adequate prepaid postage stamp to cover the registered mail for documents has been sent by post to the Embassy. 

Delivery of Documents:

After receiving the confirmation and preparing the required documents, applicant can visit the Embassy in-person on Thursdays (for Urgent Visa) or send the documents by post to the Embassy.


Urgent Visa in-person:

Applicant can visit the Embassy after receiving the confirmation and preparing the required documents in-person on Thursdays (except official holidays) from 8:45 to 12:00 and pick up the visa on that day with the payment of 50% extra fee.


Urgent Visa by Post:

Applicant can send required documents for urgent visa by post to the Embassy after payment of 50% extra fee. The visa will be issued and send it back on the day that documents reach the Embassy. Write "Urgent Visa" on envelope sending to the Embassy.



- Please make sure all information in the application is filled out completely and correctly such as passport and personal information. Incomplete documents are not accepted and will be returned without any visa process.

- Maximum duration of stay by tourist visa with ONE entry is 90 days and with TWO entries is 30 days from the date of each arrival.

- Note that health and accident insurance as a part of home insurance (Hemförsäkring) is valid only for 45 days. Then for longer duration of stay requires separate complementary travel insurance.

- Visas fee are not refundable. It means that after sending documents to the Embassy in any condition (such as cancellation by applicant or reject of application by the Embassy or e-visa system) the payment will not refund.

- Applicants who are the husband of Iranian women with their children while their marriage and names has been registered in her Iranian ID (Shenasnameh) can apply for Family Visa and will pay 50% of visa fee.

- Applicant whose father has Iranian nationality can not apply for any kind of visas and just travel by Iranian National Passport.

- Applicant should apply for visa one month before the date of travel.

- The issued visas are valid for three months, meaning that the applicant has 90 days to enter Iran and reside in Iran on the basis of the length ot time stipulated in the visa.

- Required copies must be clear and legible and print out on A4 paper.

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