2 June 2020
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Press release

Press release

Iran has responded quickly and rigorously to the COVID19 pandemic, lining up all of it`s resources, including military arms, to implement a comprehensive containment policy and treatment strategy. Meanwhile, the US president, ignoring all expert opinion including his own top scientific advisor, and refusing to make any viable effort within their own country to save the lives of their own citizen.

         In this context one must think twice about this US sham offer to aid Iran. It is obviously a scapegoat designed to take media attention away from how the US has specifically targeted Iran’s ability to make purchases of medical goods and aimed to deplete the country of it’s own resources in

         Obviously, Iran is not only open to, but also is grateful for all and any sincere offers of aid and thanks all who have thus far given their support to Iran’s struggle against this pandemic. We are particularly grateful for the contribution of Swedish individuals and organization.

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