2 June 2020
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Statement of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Stockholm

Statement of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Stockholm regarding the outbreak Corona Virus and discriminating attitude against Iranians 06-04-2020

WHO reports, confirm that Iran has been implementing a robust strategy to counter the spread of the Corona virus and has been taking targeted action to address this epidemic. As Iran makes its utmost effort to fight the outbreak, many countries have offered their help and support to Iran. In contrast, some Swedish health officials’ comments are neither factually accurate nor particularly helpful at such trying times.


Despite explicit and legally binding requirements laid out by the International Health Regulations (IHR) and despite various warnings by the WHO advising against travel restrictions, the director of the Public Health Agency of Sweden urges the Swedish transport authorities to halt flights from Iran claiming that responsible authorities in Iran are not in control of the situation”.


The Embassy believes instead of referring to the inexpert reports, it would be quite rational that the Governments refer to the documented WHO reports for taking any decision. It is confirmed that Iran`s battle COVID19 is proper care for those infected Strict preventive measures, including screening of air travelers at departure gates. We urge relevant Governments and airlines to assist them in line with WHO guidelines.


WHO experts visited designated health facility and impressed by quality of care, infection prevention and control measures, dedication of health staff, and community mobilization efforts to raise public awareness about the disease (https://twitter.com/WHOEMRO/status/1235320078956220416) 


It is unfortunate that the Swedish view on Iran is so discriminating and becoming the first country in the EU to ban Iranian flights which increased the disturbances of the Iranian communities for travelling to/from Iran. Swedish authorities would agree that such outstanding and constructive members of Iranian Diaspora are, deserve better.



The facts shows; among first 110 Covid-19 cases in Sweden, The ratio of the people who came from Iran is very low. Any how our sympathies go to the all Swedish affected people.

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